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A community of dagga smokers and growers. News, Reviews, Forums, Recipes, Strain Guides, Weed TV, Picture of the Month and Music Reviews. Africa Unite.
  • Be wise, vaporize
    Be wise, vaporize! An introduction on verbal vaporizers and their health benefits by Nicola   Few years ago a friend from Vancouver came to visit me here in Cape Town.When we got home he unpacked his bags and told me "I have a present for you…". In my head I was already thinking "Huumm some yummy maple sirup!".He handed me a smallish box […]
  • Marijuana 101: By Professor Lee
      Unlike the vast majority of other grow books, Marijuana 101 reads like an informal study guide for an "Introduction to Growing" course run by a professor who had a successful grow for a decade. Professor Lee involves his readers and helps them over each potential stumbling block, with constant reference to his own experience, giving the book the […]
  • Radio Interview with Jules and Myrtle
      JOHANNESBURG - A Lanseria couple has launched a legal challenge against legislation outlawing dagga, claiming it was based on unscientific prejudice and violated their right to explore human consciousness.   {youtube}i5hb3hUq-zI{/youtube}    Judge Eberhard Bertelsmann yesterday granted an order in the North Gauteng High Court, staying the criminal trial of […]
  • The Unexploded Boer
    In the winter of 1975, Erich Rautenbach’s life took a serious turn for the worse when he was bust for selling weed by gun-toting undercover cops. He’d been selling the dope to raise money to leave South Africa in a bid to escape his army call-up and resist having to shoot people in the name of apartheid. But instead he found himself in the infamous John Vors […]
  • Order, Collection, Smoking Order, Collection, Smoking I was in need of some presents for some smoking friends and was browsing online for one of the many newish online headshops that have hit our internet highway in the last couple months. has recieved a few good reviews for product selection, price and service on commnuity forums. I decided to naviga […]


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Cannabis, Ganja, Dagga, Marijuana, Cannabis Seeds, Gorwing Cannabis